Sweet, chemistry-driven romance

Love and Sorcery: Disillusioned

An unwanted bodyguard, an underestimated sorceress, and their powerful, mutual dislike.

Expecting to guard a powerful sorcerer, Dan Forell instead finds himself the unwanted bodyguard of a young sorceress, a pretty girl who could destroy his dreams of prestige in the army. If he wasn’t falling in love with her, he might hate her entirely.

When Lillian Loraine is pushed into accepting an irritable defender, one who clearly doesn’t want the job, her social life and happiness are threatened with utter collapse. She shouldn’t fall for him or trust him with the truth of her abilities, but his quiet intensity and devotion make her question her resolve.

As a foreign power works to annihilate the sorcerers protecting their homeland, Lillian and Dan must repel enemy attacks, overcome first impressions, and somehow convince each other that love is worth the risk of heartbreak. Disillusioned is a sweet romance with fantasy elements for fans of Pride and Prejudice and fairy tale endings.

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Disillusioned is the first chronologically in my Love and Sorcery series. The books are related but have stand alone plot lines. They can be read in any order but would probably be enjoyed more if read in order.

Lillian is a character that came of my general opinion that nice girls are often overlooked and underestimated. She’s definitely not the angsty warrior princess type. Because she’s considerate of others and has a generally sweet disposition, no one ever guesses that she’s one of the most powerful sorceresses in the world and can scare grown warriors witless. Her defender, Dan, certainly doesn’t guess at her ability and is beyond irritated that he’s been assigned to someone so useless in battle. He and Lillian practically loathe each other when they meet. If you’ve read this, you can tell I love watching dislike transform into appreciation, respect, and even more.

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