Sweet, chemistry-driven romance

Love and Sorcery: Disguised

His heart belongs to someone else. She’s a danger to those around her. They have no business falling in love.

When a homeless disguise expert with an unwholesome knack for picking locks appears on Maxwell Holt’s doorstep, he worries she might steal a painting, not his heart. Her unusual skill set could help him eradicate a powerful enemy and prevent war, but the secrets she keeps could be deadly.

Desperate for information, Pixie takes a job with a man almost as dangerous as the one hunting her. Knowing when to walk away has kept her alive for years, but if she stays, she might end a string of assassinations and bring peace to two countries. Her reluctance to leave could have nothing to do with her stern and distrustful employer or his fascinating smile.

Disguised is a sweet romance with fantasy elements for fans of Jane Eyre and happily ever afters.

Disguised is the third book in my Love and Sorcery series, and takes place a few months after Baited. While it can be read as a stand alone, it might be better enjoyed after Disillusioned and Baited.

For Maxwell, I needed an extremely intelligent match, someone who could outmaneuver him. I was afraid Pixie would feel too unrealistic if she could do it all, so I patterned her after one of my amazing sisters who seems to be able to do everything. She’s extremely intelligent, studied Russian, plays the piano, is a gourmet cook, and does silversmithing. She can raise a sheep and turn it into a sweater. She’s a science whiz, very athletic, a graceful dancer, an incredible costume designer, and a good businesswoman. It would be very irritating to be related to her, except that no one can make me laugh as hard as she can. So, I took my sister, changed her appearance, tweaked her personality and abilities, and created Pixie. Maxwell couldn’t help but be fascinated, maybe even enough to help him get over the girl he’s been in love with for over a year.

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