Sweet, chemistry-driven romance

Love and Sorcery: Baited

An arranged marriage to a dangerous man calls for an escape plan. Too bad his kisses are completely addictive.

Though Reylen’s heart belongs to another, the only way to save her town and the sorcerer who guards it is to marry a tall and intimidating stranger. Reylen doesn’t trust his promise of an eventual annulment and plans to escape at the first opportunity.

Matthew wanted time to win Reylen’s affection, but when a treasonous lord comes to claim her, the only option is a hasty marriage. As they journey to safety, Matthew is honor-bound to keep secrets from his new wife, but it would be impossible to keep from kissing her.

The chemistry between Reylen and Matthew is undeniable as they protect each other from danger and confront new magic. Read on for delicious kissing and a fairy tale ending. Baited is a sweet romance with fantasy elements for fans of Jane Austen and The Princess Bride.

Baited is the second book in my Love and Sorcery series, and takes place about twenty years after Disillusioned. It can be read alone but might be enjoyed a little more if read second.

I love arranged marriage romances but often find the circumstances a little too convenient. I’m also not a fan of insta-love. With Baited, I wanted a tough and clever female lead who’d have strong motivation to give this marriage idea a chance. Reylen is definitely not impressed with Matthew when he shows up at her door to save her (and her family and the entire town), and she has her own ideas about what needs to happen. Matthew wants to win her affection, and he also doesn’t want to find her knife lodged in his heart. I admit I was pretty mean to him, but like Reylen, he’s tough, so he can handle it – hopefully.

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