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Book 1

Sister to Beauty
What if Beauty tricked her sister into taking her place with the Beast?

Henri needs a pretty wife to help his business associates overlook his disfiguring scars and eye patch. Conveniently, the father of the most beautiful girl in Provence owes him an enormous debt and agrees to allow Henri to court her as partial payment. 

When Celeste is tricked into going to Henri’s home in her sister’s stead, she believes she’s only there to be his housekeeper and save her father from debtor’s prison. Thrilled to leave Marseille and her beautiful sister far behind, she throws herself into repairing Henri’s chateau and reputation. 

When Celeste’s work uncovers the secrets of Henri’s self-banishment, she must choose between her growing love for him and her own safety. And until the right daughter arrives to help him save his livelihood, Henri must fight his growing attraction to his infuriating future sister-in-law, who seems intent on transforming his heart along with his household. 

Sister to Beauty is a clean historical romance retelling of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. 

Love and Sorcery: Disillusioned
An unwanted bodyguard, an underestimated sorceress, and their powerful, mutual dislike.

Expecting to guard a powerful sorcerer, Dan Forell instead finds himself the unwanted bodyguard of a young sorceress, a pretty girl who could destroy his dreams of prestige in the army. If he wasn’t falling in love with her, he might hate her entirely.

When Lillian Loraine is pushed into accepting an irritable defender, one who clearly doesn’t want the job, her social life and happiness are threatened with utter collapse. She shouldn’t fall for him or trust him with the truth of her abilities, but his quiet intensity and devotion make her question her resolve.

As a foreign power works to annihilate the sorcerers protecting their homeland, Lillian and Dan must repel enemy attacks, overcome first impressions, and somehow convince each other that love is worth the risk of heartbreak. Disillusioned is a sweet romance with fantasy elements for fans of Pride and Prejudice and fairy tale endings.

Love and Sorcery: Disillusioned

Book 1

Love and Sorcery: Baited

Book 2

Love and Sorcery: Baited
An arranged marriage to a dangerous man calls for an escape plan. Too bad his kisses are completely addictive.

Though Reylen’s heart belongs to another, the only way to save her town and the sorcerer who guards it is to marry a tall and intimidating stranger. Reylen doesn’t trust his promise of an eventual annulment and plans to escape at the first opportunity.

Matthew wanted time to win Reylen’s affection, but when a treasonous lord comes to claim her, the only option is a hasty marriage. As they journey to safety, Matthew is honor-bound to keep secrets from his new wife, but it would be impossible to keep from kissing her.

The chemistry between Reylen and Matthew is undeniable as they protect each other from danger and confront new magic. Read on for delicious kissing and a fairy tale ending. Baited is a sweet romance with fantasy elements for fans of Jane Austen and The Princess Bride.

Love and Sorcery: Disguised
His heart belongs to someone else. She’s a danger to those around her. They have no business falling in love.

When a homeless disguise expert with an unwholesome knack for picking locks appears on Maxwell Holt’s doorstep, he worries she might steal a painting, not his heart. Her unusual skill set could help him eradicate a powerful enemy and prevent war, but the secrets she keeps could be deadly.

Desperate for information, Pixie takes a job with a man almost as dangerous as the one hunting her. Knowing when to walk away has kept her alive for years, but if she stays, she might end a string of assassinations and bring peace to two countries. Her reluctance to leave could have nothing to do with her stern and distrustful employer or his fascinating smile.

Disguised is a sweet romance with fantasy elements for fans of Jane Eyre and happily ever afters.

Love and Sorcery: Disguised

Book 3

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