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Sister to Beauty

What if Beauty tricked her sister into taking her place with the Beast?

Henri needs a pretty wife to help his business associates overlook his disfiguring scars and eye patch. Conveniently, the father of the most beautiful girl in Provence owes him an enormous debt and agrees to allow Henri to court her as partial payment.

When Celeste is tricked into going to Henri’s home in her sister’s stead, she believes she’s only there to be his housekeeper and save her father from debtor’s prison. Thrilled to leave Marseille and her beautiful sister far behind, she throws herself into repairing Henri’s chateau and reputation.

When Celeste’s work uncovers the secrets of Henri’s self-banishment, she must choose between her growing love for him and her own safety. And until the right daughter arrives to help him save his livelihood, Henri must fight his growing attraction to his infuriating future sister-in-law, who seems intent on transforming his heart along with his household.

Sister to Beauty is a clean historical romance retelling of the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.

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What if Beauty tricked her sister into taking her place with the Beast?

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